ESD control and protection  is a vital part for the companies acting in the Automotive Industry.


Aerospace industry is in deep connection with specific ESD products, services and solutions.


EPAs are a safeguard for ESD-sensitive components and devices used in the Electronics Industry.


The medical industries are adopting ESD protective measures for manufacturing compliance.


The ESD is a very important aspect of the transport and storage of sensitive electronic components.

ESD Products

ESD Bags

LTHD Corporation is producing/providing a extended range of ESD bags with the following characteristics: Antistatic bags are used for storing electronic components prone to damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD). These bags have a distinctive colour, silvery for metallized film, pink or black for polyethylene. Multiple layers of protection are often used to protect from both mechanical damage and electrostatic damage. Dissipative antistatic bags are made of standard polyethylene with a static dissipative coating or layer on the plastic. This prevents buildup of a static charge on the surface of the bag, as it dissipates the charge to ground. Conductive antistatic bags are manufactured with a layer of conductive metal, often aluminum, and a dielectric layer of plastic covered in a static dissipative coating. This forms both a shield and a non-conductive barrier, shielding the contents from static charge via the Faraday cage effect.


ESD Products


LTHD Corporation is a company specialised in the design, development and manufacture of custom ESD packaging systems for sensitive electronic equipments. We provide standard and custom-made plastic storage containers for electronic parts and circuit boards, with strong carbon-infused walls which will protect the content from electrostatic and mechanical damage. All of our containers comply with the latest REACH and RoHS requirements and meet the requirement's of SGL standard, which is now integrated into the GS1 or the DIN standard, commonly known as Euronorm. The container load depends on the floor surface and can range from 5kg to 65kg, and along with our PCB thermoformed trays or our ESD conductive box dividers will be the perfect solution for storing and shipping your goods.


ESD Products

ESD Equipment

For improving safety, personal and workplace protection you will need a large variety of ESD equipment. As a general term ESD equipment includes every piece used in an electrostatic sensitive environment, which will prevent the accumulation and discharge of the static electricity; from simple antistatic gloves to a whole assembly line with a clean room or a basic EPA area. ESD protected areas are specific for a large number of industries like EMS, automotive, medical & pharmaceutical and aerospace & defence. Among the most common ESD equipments we can find antistatic clothing, grounding cords, ESD table mats, ESD industrial furniture and workbenches, antistatic tools, ESD trolleys, test stations and turnstiles, component preforming tools, bench top and blow gun ionisers and ESD racks.


ESD Products

Dry Cabinets

Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSDs), must be managed correctly because a single mistake on a tray or reel of MSD causes negative impact on the entire production batch. Electronic components (like QFP, BGA or SOIC for example), LEDs and Printed Circuit Boards, when extracted from their original protective package, absorb humidity from the environment and during the soldering process the trapped moisture can vaporise and exert internal package stress. In order to avoid all these incidents, LTHD offers a range of dry cabinets that contain a small Peltier cooler, which removes the moisture from the air by condensation. This moisture and humidity control technology is renewable in the sense that no desiccant replacement is required and is capable of reaching low humidity (20% RH or less) to ultra low humidity (5% RH or less) levels. The dry cabinets provide a "safe place" to temporary stock the MSDs removed from their original Dry Pack before soldering process.

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