ESD control and protection  is a vital part for the companies acting in the Automotive Industry.


Aerospace industry is in deep connection with specific ESD products, services and solutions.


EPAs are a safeguard for ESD-sensitive components and devices used in the Electronics Industry.


The medical industries are adopting ESD protective measures for manufacturing compliance.


The ESD is a very important aspect of the transport and storage of sensitive electronic components.

ESD Products

ESD Bags

Leave generic, uncertain protection behind. Choose LTHD's meticulously engineered ESD bags. Our multi-layered defence safeguards components electrostatically and mechanically for complete  protection. Discover the confidence of shielding your electronics with our metallized film bags. The innovative construction forms a protective barrier, acting as a real Faraday cage shielding your components against potent electrostatic attacks, ensuring they remain impervious to electrostatic threats. Choose our metallized bags for uncompromised protection. We offer a diverse range of sizes from little size bags for your small PCB’s to large ones for your massive motherboards. Customization is our expertise. Discuss your needs for personalized ESD packaging solutions. Adhering to strictest industry standards, we guarantee your components are protected by the best. Don't compromise. Choose LTHD's ESD bags and experience the top of ESD safeguarding. Contact us today in order to level up your ESD protection game.


ESD Products

ESD Inserts & Dividers

Enhance your production efficiency with our bespoked ESD-safe Inserts and Dividers. Often overlooked, inefficiencies in part movement can impact your business costs. Our dividers, crafted from durable ESD cellular Polypropylene sheets, increase productivity without compromising protection. Specifically designed for collapsible totes and standard-sized crates, these dividers provide crucial ESD protection for your sensitive electronic components.Versatility is key – arrange the dividers in various combinations to create a customized network of cells, adapting to your unique application. No additional tooling required! These dividers ensure a seamless fit for your specific needs, whether it's standard or bespoke sizes, we've got you covered. Beyond static protection, our tote dividers minimize part movement,improve physical protection, and enhance overall efficiency. Prevent overloading, ensure quick retrieval, and streamline visual stock checks. Boost your container efficiency thanks to LTHD's ESD inserts and dividers, the perfect combination of protection and productivity.


ESD Products

ESD Nests

Discover the game-changer in shipping electronics – our ESD Foam Nests!  Tired of static issues causing trouble during transit? Our specialized foam is the solution, offering unparalleled shielding against static discharge, shocks, impacts, and vibrations. Our Antistatic Foam is designed for versatility, finding applications in storage devices like conductive euro boxes, component boxes, transit packs, and more. Worried about potential damage to static-sensitive electronic components? Our ESD Foam Nests provides robust protection, ensuring your pieces reach their destination in pristine condition. At LTHD Corporation we take customization seriously. Choose from a range of foams, including black conductive and dissipative, pink anti-static, and black closed-cell (cleanroom) foams, available in low and high densities. Craft your packaging solution with precision – our foams can be cut, stamped, layered, profiled, or machined to meet diverse requirements. Innovation, protection, and unbeatable quality – that's our promise to you.


ESD Products

ESD Equipment

For improving safety, personal and workplace protection you will need a large variety of ESD equipment. As a general term ESD equipment includes every piece used in an electrostatic sensitive environment, which will prevent the accumulation and discharge of the static electricity; from simple antistatic gloves to a whole assembly line with a clean room or a basic EPA area. ESD protected areas are specific for a large number of industries like EMS, automotive, medical & pharmaceutical and aerospace & defence. Among the most common ESD equipments we can find antistatic clothing, grounding cords, ESD table mats, ESD industrial furniture and workbenches, antistatic tools, ESD trolleys, test stations and turnstiles, component preforming tools, bench top and blow gun ionisers and ESD racks.


ESD Products

Dry Cabinets

Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSDs), must be managed correctly because a single mistake on a tray or reel of MSD causes negative impact on the entire production batch. Electronic components (like QFP, BGA or SOIC for example), LEDs and Printed Circuit Boards, when extracted from their original protective package, absorb humidity from the environment and during the soldering process the trapped moisture can vaporise and exert internal package stress. In order to avoid all these incidents, LTHD offers a range of dry cabinets that contain a small Peltier cooler, which removes the moisture from the air by condensation. This moisture and humidity control technology is renewable in the sense that no desiccant replacement is required and is capable of reaching low humidity (20% RH or less) to ultra low humidity (5% RH or less) levels. The dry cabinets provide a "safe place" to temporary stock the MSDs removed from their original Dry Pack before soldering process.

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