ESD control and protection is a vital part of companies operating in the automotive industry.


Aerospace industry is highly dependent on specific ESD products, services and solutions.


EPAs are a safeguard for ESD-sensitive components and devices used in the Electronics Industry.


The medical industry are adopting ESD protective measures for production compliance.


The ESD is a very important aspect of the transport and storage of sensitive electronic components.


ESD Products

LTHD Corporation offers a full range of ESD products for your EPA area, Medical, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace and Logistics Industries, from testing stations, flooring solutions, grounding solutions and ESD furniture to ionisers, test measurement solutions as well as standard and custom ESD packaging solutions.


ESD Services

Relying on an experienced and professional team, LTHD Corporation provides a wide range of ESD services. We deliver full equipment assembly to maintenance, equipment service and full installation service for ESD floors, turnstiles, ESD test measurements, ESD furniture assembly and grounding systems for your EPA area.


Service Quality

Being focused on solutions and having a highly qualified team, we offer a wide variety of ESD products, services and solutions with a team of more than 100 well trained employees. Our partnerships with world industry manufacturers, enables us to offer all customers the best solution for complex applications while providing complete process support.




Solution Provider

ESD Bags

LTHD Corporation is providing a wide range of anti-static and static shielding bags which are designed to provide a complete static protective environment for the safe storage and transportation of electronic components and devices. They come in standard or custom sizes.

ESD Nests

Our specialized foam is the solution, offering unparalleled shielding against static discharge, shocks, impacts, and vibrations. Our Antistatic Foam is designed for versatility, finding applications in storage devices like conductive euro boxes, component boxes, transit packs, and more.

ESD Dividers

The ESD Polypropylene corrugated dividers for boxes produce a network of cells to suit most applications and demands. The dividers are fully customisable in order to keep the contents safe and protected. They are suited for storing automotive parts and electronic components.

ESD Equipment

Among the most common ESD equipment we can find antistatic gloves and clotting, grounding cords, (ESD) table mats, (ESD) industrial furniture and workbenches, antistatic tools, (ESD) trolleys, test stations, component preforming tools, ionisers and (ESD) racks.

ESD Services

Together with our partners, we can provide onsite ESD Testing and consulting services. These are available to achieve compliance or qualification of ESD Control and Work Area Materials Qualification as per ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 and the applicable underlying standards.

Component Reel Counters

SMD chip counter is widely used in SMT assembly line to count the actual components on each reel tapes, the counter works by counting the holes on the tape and it can also detect empty pocket components. For your annual inventory the counters are also available for renting.


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